The former president of Egypt has experienced a major deterioration in his health following a sentence of life imprisonment for his role in having demonstrators killed during last year’s civil uprisings.

Hosni Mubarak is already in a Cairo jail following the harsh sentence where he had been transferred from a military hospital. The 84-year old was placed in the jail hospital suffering from depression after a visit from his wife and two sons. Authorities noticed a rapid change in his medical condition and ordered sedatives for his condition. Mubarek has reportedly been in failing health for the past several years, although the exact nature of his ailments have not been disclosed.

He attended his 10-month trial always carried into court on a stretcher, obviously too frail or infirm to walk on his own. There has been no confirmation that he is also under a suicide watch, although there have been reports that former president Mubarek is refusing to eat.

Hosni Mubarak Suffers Health Decline After Life Sentencing