Great Pacific Garbage Patch, A Lingering Reminder Of The Tsunami

Recently, a Japanese dock washed up on a California beach. The casualty of Japan’s horrific tsunami has many fearing that their summer beach vacation will be impacted by flotsam and debris from last year’s biggest natural disaster.

In actuality, families looking forward to a summer vacation at the beach have more to worry about than tsunami debris. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is just that, a giant clump of man-made trash floating in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Most of the trash is plastic products that does not biodegrade. The Pacific Garbage Patch actually has two parts, and both are approximately the size of Texas.

Debris from the Japanese tsunami is expected to dislodge some of the debris in the patch and send it straight to the Pacific Coast.

Predictions are that the garbage will continue to wash up on the beaches for the next several years. Experts advice beachgoers not to touch any beach debris that they do not recognize.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Could Ruin Your Vacation

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Could Ruin Your Vacation