British toddler Zach Hilary suffered a heart attack back in January. Although his heart stopped beating for 39 minutes and he suffered brain swelling, he has recovered. Following five months of hospital treatment, two-year old Zach is back home with his parents and two brothers.

Little Zach was watching TV when his mum discovered him collapsed and groaning on the floor. She called 999 and performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until paramedics arrived and took over, continuing CPR and administering shock treatment until they arrived at York Hospital, where Zach was given adrenalin to restart his heart.

Doctors put Zach into a medically induced coma. Mum Trudy, a paramedic, and dad Dave, an IT consultant, were prepared for the worst, including brain damage from the swelling.

Miraculously, Zach survived his ordeal and is now functioning as a normal two-year-old, having relearned all his skills such as holding a cup, walking and talking.

Toddler Whose Heart Stopped For 39 Minutes Recovers