Sanba Heads For China

China is preparing for the super typhoon named Sanba. Sanba, the 16th named storm of the 2012 season, is positioned off the coast of Okinawa, according to reports.

The paper cited military personnel website Stars and Stripes‘ Dave Ornaeur, who said:

“The bad news: I have never, in all my years of following tropical cyclones, seen a storm this intense here in the Pacific. Super Typhoon Sanba is peaking in intensity at 155 knots, or 178.25 mph, today along with gusts near 220 mph (!!!) – a Category 5-equivalent typhoon on the Saffir-Simpson Scale – and will remain close to that for next day or so.”

With the typhoon moving at 25 miles per hour, it is expected to hit the northern provinces of China by Tuesday morning. Over the next two days, those affected will see rain amounts close to five inches.

Winds are expected to reach speeds of 25 km per hour. As the storm mover northward, it is expected to weaken. On Friday, officials urged residents to prepare for the storm. Widespread power outages are expected in the area.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Eric Wanenchak reported, “It will be a life-threatening situation for the Ryukyu Islands of Japan with winds in excess of 100 mph. The worst case scenario for Okinawa is winds of 120-140 mph.”