Fears for Thousands of ‘Disappeared’ Syrians

The civil war in Syria has taken a chilling turn with reports of almost 30,000 people known to have been forcibly taken from the streets of Syria by Government security forces.

In a program designed to terrify opposition sympathizers into giving up on fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime civilians are taken from their homes and tortured in secret detention centers.

Human rights groups and Avaaz, a campaign group pledging to help the Syrian rebels claim 18,000 Syrians have disappeared completely and a further 10,000 have been taken to detention centers. Reports suggest the detention centers act as torture cells where electric shocks and physical abuse is administered to all regardless of age or gender.

as the situation in Syria is chaotic because of the escalating violence accurate numbers of the disappeared are not known; some groups put the total number of people disappeared ikn the country at closer to 80,000.