Monastery Nun Cloistered 86 Years Dies in Spain

Sister Teresita Barajuen has died in Spain at the age of 105. She is believed to have set a world record as the oldest cloistered nun and lived at the Buenafuente del Sistal Monastery for 86 years.

According to representatives at the Monastery near Madrid, Sister Teresita entered the religious life while still a teenager at the age of 19, reports FOX News.

She said that pressure from her family caused her to enter the Monastery although she had no intentions as a young girl that being a cloistered nun would become a lifelong commitment for her.

Sister Teresita was given permission to leave the monastery grounds in 2011 in order to travel to Madrid to meet Pope Benedict XVI.

The meeting between the two was especially poignant because the cloistered nun had entered the monastery to begin life in religious service the same day that Benedict was born. As a cloistered nun, Sister Teresita took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and made a conscious choice to live life apart from the rest of the secular world, devoting her days mainly to prayer and meditation. Cloistered nuns differ from other nuns in the Catholic Church who devote their lives in service to others working among the poor and the sick.

Nun said to hold record of 86 years cloistered in monastery dies in Spain