Visitors who hoped to tour the famed Eiffel Tower in Paris earlier this week were turned away when the historic structure was closed down for two days following a labor dispute. After negotiations over a raise in wages for almost 300 of the workers who toil at the Eiffel Tower stalled, union officials insisted on the rare move of having workers go out on strike. The legendary landmark, which is almost 125 years old, receives about 25,000 visitors on a daily basis. In addition to the issue of salary wages, workers held the 48 hour strike to protest other payment issues such as the policies followed for company profit-sharing.

Although many visitors expressed disappointment that their plans to visit the historic structure were delayed to the strike action, many admitted that they were in support of the striking workers. Tourists who were inconvenienced said that they realized that the right of workers to be paid fairly and have good working conditions was an issue that could be understood any workers throughout the world. Although closing the Eiffel Tower due to a strike is a rare occurrence, the structure has had to be closed temporarily in the past due to bomb threats that were phoned in as well as visitors threatening suicide.


Eiffel Tower Reopens Following 2-Day Strike