Recently named to an ad hoc committee over the weekend, the aunt of Kim Jung Un has survived even after her husband was executed. The AP reported finding her name, Kim Kyong Huii, sixth amongst a list of over fifty top media officials in a funeral committee for Kim Kuk Thae, a Worker’s Party official.

Earlier, it was released that Jang Song Thaek was executed after trying to overthrow the government headed by his nephew Kim Jong Un.

Kim Kyong Huii was exceptionally close to her brother, North Korea’s former leader Kim Jumg II and rose through the ranks helping to groom Kim Jung Un as the next leader of the North Korean people. There is speculation that she was spared her husband’s fate since she is the granddaughter of the country’s beloved Kim II Sung.

Other reports speculate that it was she who gave the okay on her husband’s firing, but probably not on his execution. The execution was so sudden and surprising, that it has lead many to believe that Kim Jung Un does not entirely trust the senior officials left over from his late father’s regime and may be trying to place his own people in positions of power.