Berlin, Germany – Images of the man known infamously as the Führer of Germany were discovered on what were otherwise quaint vintage cups fashioned with roses petals and English writing in an artistic font style. The cups were being sold at a local family furniture store and certainly were not intended to include the small faintly visible image of a Hitler postage stamp. In Germany, any reproduction of Nazi-era symbols is strictly forbidden. It is part of their effort to extricate memory of the otherwise proud nation’s darkest moment.

However, Dortmund city prosecutors have launched an investigation to the use of the Nazi symbols. The family business claims they were unaware of the images which are not visible on all of cups which were ordered by the hundreds. The items were made in China. The family chain, called Zurbrüggen, has been in operation since 1939 or the outset of World War II when Britain formally declared war on Germany after their crushing invasion and conquest of Poland. In all those years of operation, the business has never had any incident of such items going on sale according to Michael Zurbrüggen, the director of the location in Unna. The cups were placed on shelves and been available for sale for three days before the discovery was made.

The staff at the store is now said to be embarrassed over the incident. It isn’t clear how many of the illegal units were sold inadvertently. Bear in mind, they weren’t ordered with his image on them. Along with an apology to their customers, the chain has offered an in-store gift certificate worth $20 euros to those returning the Hitler cups which sold for just under two euros. In all 175 cups were sold and 16 have been returned. It is believed that some people may hold onto the item as a novelty item of sorts given the press they received.

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