La Habra explosion: Polish plant explosion sends 11 to hospital

An explosion at a polish plant in Orange County sent 11 people to the hospital with burns and smoke inhalation. Two of the employees were in critical condition. The explosion occurred at approximately 9:49 a.m. at Gorilla’s Polishing Corporation at Commercial Way in La Habra. The incident is currently under investigation.

OSHA is investigating the incident, but has not given a report on the situation. There were 32 employees in the building at the time of the blast. Many people believed that chemicals caused the Tuesday morning explosion. Fire department officials negated that statement by revealing that it was likely lint that was built up in the duct system that caused the fire.

According to reports, the company has seen its fair share of trouble, including code violations in the past. The exact nature of the violations was not available at the time of reporting. The building was quickly evacuated and emergency crews closed roads that are closest to the business. The building sustained an undetermined amount of damage.

About 50 fire fighters responded to the scene, and it took approximately 40 minutes to put it out. Mike Bremer, operations manager for the company, reported that he felt the explosion from his office. When he went to see what happened, he saw the employees standing outside, some with their shirts off. He said that it was very chaotic. He said that he saw a couple of the employees who were burned quite badly.

The two men who were in critical condition suffered from third degree burns over 90 percent of their bodies, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department Inspector. He added that most of the victims suffered from smoke inhalation. An employee told news reporters that the workers were polishing tire rims when the explosion occurred. There were no deaths as a result of the fire.


La Habra explosion

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