Nepal Death Toll Continues To Rise

A rescue team in Nepal have pulled out the bodies of about 50 people, including some foreign trekkers, from an avalanche-hit area, officials say, as the death toll from last month’s devastating earthquake climbed to more than 7,000.

None of the bodies have been identified, deputy superintendent of police in the northern district of Rasuwa, Pravin Pokharel, said.

The death toll climbed to 7,250, including six foreigners and 45 Nepalese found over the weekend on a popular trekking route, said government administrator Gautam Rimal. Nepal’s Tourist Police reported that a total of 57 foreigners have been killed in the April 25 quake, and 109 are still missing, including 12 Russians and nine Americans.

The finance minister said, however, the death toll would climb “much higher” as emergency workers reached remote villages.

“There are still villages where we know that all houses have been destroyed, but have not yet been able to reach.

“The aftershocks have not receded and we expect the final casualty numbers to climb much higher,” said Ram Sharan Mahat.

How to Donate to Nepal Relief Efforts

For individuals, the best ways to donate are to focus on charities that already have a presence on the ground.

?Charity Navigator, which offered a list of highly rated aid agencies that are assisting in relief efforts in Nepal on its website, and GuideStar are two companies that evaluate how charities spend the money they receive.

Aid for Nepal: How You Can Help

Aid for Nepal: How You Can Help

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