canal saint martin drained

The workers expected, they will not be disappointed. So that a cleaning operation of the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris began Monday, January 4, objects that languished at the bottom begin to be visible on Tuesday.

A journalist from France 2 posted on Twitter several pictures of these “treasures” hidden. If there has obviously rubbish like cans, there are most unlikely debris as Vélib, a scooter or even caddis, as shown below:

At the very northern edge of the canal, near the Bassin de la Villette, a frog-man plunged Monday morning in the canal waters to see if the “cofferdam” designed to hold water, went wide. The installation of this heavy steel pan, placed across the eight-meter wide channel, gave the kickoff of three months’ unemployment, “the official term, this artery 4.5 km long decided and inaugurated by Napoleon in 1825 to bring water and goods in Paris.


Take the opportunity to repair


The canal and its 90,000 m3 of water will be discharged in a few days, the water flowing naturally to the Seine. The bottom -the radier- will then be cleaned of mud, sludge and various waste accumulated. At the same time, eight of the nine locks that includes the channel will be repaired -l’ultime the Arsenal basin have already been renovated 2015- end of the replaced parts, changed bridges or walkways, landscaped Raceways, various masonry rebuilt, etc.

“This channel is a man-made structure, and like all man-made structures where water flows, it is necessary every 15 years make a big maintenance”, told AFP Célia Blauel, Assistant to the environment and to the channels the municipality of Paris, contracting authority of this project of 9.5 million euros.

The boat traffic will be interrupted and closed sections of the docks to walk. River traffic is now almost entirely tourism with boats making cruises in this postcard Paris, including North admire the hotel’s facade, made famous by the film of the same name from 1938 and .. . studio shot.

“The most visible for the Parisians will be cleaning and flushing of the diversion bays,” those sections between two locks, which are expected to start this weekend, says Julian Gaido, head of operations. Tractors will be lowered to the bottom and the waste will be evacuated by truck to be brought to reprocessing sites.

“A great Parisian trash”

The canal banks have become for many years one of the top Parisian places to picnic or take a drink. “Unfortunately, the channel is also a large Parisian trash,” added the assistant to the town hall by two shells which the First World War and two safes (empty) were then recovered from the 40 tons of waste collected .

By Wednesday, some 50 cm of water on 1.90 m draft will be left for the -truites fish, carp, brèmes- not left alone, at the mercy of the current, can harvestable before being discharged into the Seine. The channel will also improve cleaning performance of a plant, including water, non-potable but filtered, used to clean the streets of Paris and watering gardens.