Polish Christmas Ad Trending Worldwide

A Polish Ad for an auction website made its own writers and directors cry when they saw the finished ad. Viewers have also had a strong sentimental reaction to it. The advertisement is for auction website company ‘Allegro’. It focuses on an old Polish man learning English with the help of post it notes and headphones.

He is seen sticking post-it notes of English names to many items in his house, including his dog and rubber ducky. He also practices his new vocabulary on his rubber ducky during hos bath time. After watching a rather violent sounding English film, he alternates from telling his rubber ducky he is going to kill him to how much he loves him.

The most oft phrase the man is shown to practice is ‘Hi, I am’. The ad also shows the old man lives alone. Hence why his rubber ducky is his main source of English conversation practice.

Why he is going to so much effort in his later years of life to learn English is finally explained at the end of the ad. The man flies to England at Christmas time and is greeted at a house with a hug from his son and then a little girl walks shyly towards him. The old man leans down to her and in perfect English says

‘Hi, I am your Grandpa’

Watch below and prepare for the waterworks!