A New Book Reveals Saddam Hussein Cried in US Interrogations

Saddam Hussein was a clueless wimp in his last years, cut off from his own government and preferring to write novels rather than run his military. By the time he was captured by the US military he had lost control of his followers and had little influence over how they ran the country.

Ex CIA analyst John Nixon was the first US interrogator to see Hussien said ‘He was no longer running the country.’

Nixon has retold the story of Hussiens first moments of capture in the book  ‘Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein’

When first captured Hussein showed arrogance and contempt, staring down Nixon with ‘such murderous’ loathing, he said it was ‘frightening even though he was under lock and key.’

‘Who are you guys?’ the deposed dictator replied. ‘Are you military intelligence? Answer me. Identify yourselves.’ Hussein had no idea who had captured him and probably did not realize he was finished as the Iraq leader.

He complained and whinged about hurting from bruises and cuts sustained during his capture. Saddam Hussein never admitted to plotting to kill President George H.W. Bush after the Persian Gulf  war.

When he heard bombings outside he looked hopeful, thinking it was his supporters coming to set him free.

Saddam Hussein never took back leadership and his regime fell in 2003, the year he was captured. His execution happened three years later, by hanging.